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10 Heuristics of User Experience (UX)

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An easy-to-use product will win hearts. In our first installment of our MetroStar Minute series, we cover our top 10 heuristics (approaches to quickly achieve immediate goals) for incorporating superb UX into your next product design. By taking a “user first” approach, your team will build a product that your users can’t help but love. For […]

How Smartwatches Impact Your Life

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Is the “smartwatch” merely a glorified notification system or is it pioneering a new digital frontier? Our answer is: Yes. We tracked the activity of smartwatch owners for two weeks to conclude that both positions have merit. Our study involved six participants (our fellow employees) and four different approaches to collecting information on smartwatch use: […]

What makes a smartphone usable?

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We all have that friend who LOVES Apple. But it can be difficult to tell whether their love for Apple products is based on a fear of missing out (FOMO), or on a real technical superiority that’s exclusive to Apple. Consider phones. Whether people love or hate their phones can be traced back to their […]

The UX Train: Getting Your Clients on Board

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You’re on the fast track to building a successful product after having discovered the value of a user-centered approach, but your clients aren’t all on board yet. Project goals, deadlines, and politics are outweighing the needs of the user. As advocates for your users, you must persuade your clients and stakeholders to put the users first. […]

The Secret to a Great Product: Superb UX

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Oh no. It’s happening. You’re sitting in a meeting and one of those horribly awkward moments has arrived when no one knows the answer to an important question: how do we incorporate User Experience (UX) into this project? Your company has heard about UX, realized its importance, and hired all the right people but…now what? […]

Where are Your Users Looking?

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I Love Cognitive Psychology Cognitive psychology taught me that even really smart, capable individuals are susceptible to cognitive biases simply because we’re humans and that’s what humans do.  A few examples of cognitive biases are: Confirmation Bias: Our natural tendency to be drawn to information that reinforces our own views Hindsight Bias: A tendency to […]

If you don’t start quickly and fail early you’re not innovating

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At MetroStar we believe collaboration is the foundation for innovation. One of the ways we instill collaboration and innovation into our culture is through our Digital Ignite sessions. The Ignite sessions are used as an open forum where team members can discuss best practices, trending topics, share work to elicit feedback, conduct an experiment or […]

Complex vs Simple Design

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Different design dictates to different people.

Some design calls to our inner child, other design calls to the grown up in us, and still other design calls to our inner passions. These forms of design are reflected throughout our everyday lives in things we constantly use, and yet we don’t even realize it most of the time. Things like our mice and keyboards, the desks we sit at, the remote control to our television sets, our cars, and even our cell phones.