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3 Key Traits of Usable Data Products

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In case you missed it, earlier this month MetroStar Systems partnered with George Mason University and Zoomph for GMU’s annual Usabilathon. The Usabilathon, an initiative led by GMU’s Human Factors and Applied Cognition program, provides graduate students with an opportunity to hack client driven solutions. Usabilathon participants were challenged to build a product that converted […]

Where are Your Users Looking?

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I Love Cognitive Psychology Cognitive psychology taught me that even really smart, capable individuals are susceptible to cognitive biases simply because we’re humans and that’s what humans do.  A few examples of cognitive biases are: Confirmation Bias: Our natural tendency to be drawn to information that reinforces our own views Hindsight Bias: A tendency to […]

Important Questions You Haven’t Asked Yourself about Your Product

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You’re Brilliant. You’ve come up with an idea for a product that you know is going to Change the World. You have a team of technicians, developers, designers, engineers, and managers bringing your vision to life. It’s going to be amazing. Before you get too far, have you thought about your users and how they […]