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Budget 101: Part 1 – Befriending the Budget

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It’s downright scary There is a word that causes terror in most people. Even I quiver when I think about it, and I’m considered a seasoned financial professional. However, it’s important in both your professional and personal life.  Have you guessed it yet? That’s right, the word is… BUDGET Why is the word budget so […]

Statement Arts Promotes Education In The Arts With Votridea Contest

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A Single Drop Of Water

Statement Arts, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing the creative visual & performing arts to underserved and/or low-income individuals, recently launched an online contest powered by Votridea, our Social Engagement Platform. The contest, titled “A Single Drop Of Water,” celebrates our most important natural resource — water!

Walkthrough: DVWP Tooltip

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Tooltips may be implemented to greatly improve user experience in many scenarios.  This walkthrough will provide a method with which tooltip functionality may be implemented on SharePoint Data View Web Parts (DVWPs) using XSL and JavaScript. Preparation Open the SharePoint site in SharePoint Designer 2007 Open the page on which the tooltip functionality will be implemented Enable either […]

Vision 21CARE featured on Battlefield Healthcare website

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MetroStar Systems employee, Sergeant Ross Beurmann, who served in Iraq, was interviewed by MyFoxDC about our program, Vision 21CARE. This video has now been posted on the Battlefield Healthcare website relating to this very topic. IDGA’s 11th Battlefield Healthcare Summit will detail best practices and the next generation in combat medicine and rehabilitative care as […]

Microsoft My Phone

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If you ever lost a phone, you know how it feels to know that all the data that you had saved on your phone is gone. All those pictures, music and contacts are gone with the phone. It happened to me and it was a royal pain to recover a small portion of what I […]

Add Navigation Buttons to Your SharePoint Site (Without SharePoint Designer!)

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To see the updated tutorial for SharePoint 2013 or 2016, click here. Ok… so you’ve done it, you’ve dared to click the ‘Add Web Part’ button and have ‘ooohhed’ and ‘ahhhed’ at the enormous list of available Web Parts.   Of course, each Web Part provides its own special function that can lend support to […]

Liveblogging eLearningDevCon 2009, Day 3

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It is my last and final day here at eLearningDevCon 2009. It has been an incredibly productive and educational few days. But, why bore you with an introduction. I’ll just jump straight into boring you with the details. For more on the conference, check my previous posts (Day 1 and Day 2) . Also, check […]


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I recently came across a handy tool for the network admin called Spiceworks.   It can be found on their main page, Spiceworks.com.  This handy tool is completely free, with a not-so-annoying ad section on the upper right.   It is a web based tool that installs an instance of SQL Server Express to store data.   […]

Stress Decision Matrix Tool

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This is an excellent decision matrix tool for both leaders and Marines to use in assessing where any warrior is at any given time on the stress continuum.  Based on my 15 months of work on PTSD this is one of the simplest tools I have assessed.  By learning and gaining the abilities to identify […]

SSIS Package Execution

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While working on a project, I was asked to create and SSIS Package that would read a flat file (.txt) from a Network Drive onto a SharePoint Custom List. While most of the solution was straight forward, the one part that I was hoping to be the simplest, turned out to be a pain. So, […]