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How to Score Your Dream Internship

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As job opportunities become more and more competitive for recent graduates, companies are more interested in candidates who already have some professional experience. Instead of spending the summer on the couch stuffing your face with junk food, getting fried outside by the pool every day, or listening to your parents bug you about your laziness […]

Through the Eyes of the Intern

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Finding the Right Fit As a marketing management student about to enter my senior year at Virginia Tech, getting real-world experience as a marketing intern was a top priority for me this summer. I spent several weeks applying to numerous marketing internship programs until I found my perfect match, MetroStar Systems. What drew me to […]

4 Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

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While LinkedIn has only been around a little over a decade, it has made and continues to make quite a wake in the social media world. With user numbers exploding from 4,500 10 years ago to around 238 million today, chances are if you are a business professional you have a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn’s colossal […]

Social Media 101: Listening To Your Fans

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Social Media 101 Tips: Business isn’t as usual; consumers have become empowered, and stronger than ever. Customers are on multiple social media platforms, increasingly vocal and being heard. If you proactively listen to what is being said about your brand, you will stay ahead of the curve, increase revenue, and make important connections with your […]

Why Do Some Products Fail?

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Remember the New Coke experiment or Qwikster from Netflix? They are just two of many products that entered the market with such buzz and hype, yet ultimately made a quick exit. The reality is it is inevitable that some products will fail; actually, the majority of new product launches will fail. Failure isn’t a bad […]

Let it Simmer

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The Community Manager’s goal is to increase engagement, but what if that engagement takes a turn for the worse? Our clients have often turned to MetroStar Digital for advice when they receive unexpected feedback. If someone posts a negative comment on your Facebook page, for example, what is the best way to respond to it? […]

5 Blunders in Social Media Marketing (Twitter Edition)

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The New Media team here at MetroStar Systems works on a wide spectrum of social media accounts. As we devised our plans of do’s and don’ts for our clients, we inevitably came across various examples that portrayed the “wrong” way of doing things. From out of touch, cringe worthy posts on Facebook brand pages, to […]

MetroStar Systems Supports the 36th Marine Corps Marathon

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It was 3:45a.m., Sunday October 30th…Theresa and I sat in my car with the heat on full blast gearing up to be outside for the next six hours (at least!). It was still dark as night, but not far in the distance you could see the buzz and commotion of people setting up for one […]

Statement Arts Promotes Education In The Arts With Votridea Contest

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A Single Drop Of Water

Statement Arts, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing the creative visual & performing arts to underserved and/or low-income individuals, recently launched an online contest powered by Votridea, our Social Engagement Platform. The contest, titled “A Single Drop Of Water,” celebrates our most important natural resource — water!

Announcing our Social Innovation Toolbox

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MetroStar Systems is excited to launch our ‘Social Innovation Toolbox‘ that features three brand new products and services.  The Social Innovation Toolbox features tools that offer creative and effective means to engage with and leverage your communities.  Your community could be your fellow employees in your company, all of the Facebook fans on your fanpage, […]