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Part 2: Possible Use Cases for Microsoft Service Fabric

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I’m Excited About Service Fabric. Now What? In my last blog, I looked at some of the common pain points Microsoft Service Fabric can help developers with. This week, we’ll take a closer look at some possible use cases. Use Case A possible use case is for a social network where users can send messages […]

Social Media 101: Listening To Your Fans

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Social Media 101 Tips: Business isn’t as usual; consumers have become empowered, and stronger than ever. Customers are on multiple social media platforms, increasingly vocal and being heard. If you proactively listen to what is being said about your brand, you will stay ahead of the curve, increase revenue, and make important connections with your […]

Why Do Some Products Fail?

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Remember the New Coke experiment or Qwikster from Netflix? They are just two of many products that entered the market with such buzz and hype, yet ultimately made a quick exit. The reality is it is inevitable that some products will fail; actually, the majority of new product launches will fail. Failure isn’t a bad […]

You Beta Believe It: FCC.gov reimagined and redesigned for Open Government

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On Tuesday, April 5th, MetroStar Systems announced our support in the successful development and redesign of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) FCC.gov website into a new digital platform: http://beta.fcc.gov!

Beta FCC.gov Screenshot

Statement Arts Promotes Education In The Arts With Votridea Contest

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A Single Drop Of Water

Statement Arts, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing the creative visual & performing arts to underserved and/or low-income individuals, recently launched an online contest powered by Votridea, our Social Engagement Platform. The contest, titled “A Single Drop Of Water,” celebrates our most important natural resource — water!

Announcing our Social Innovation Toolbox

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MetroStar Systems is excited to launch our ‘Social Innovation Toolbox‘ that features three brand new products and services.  The Social Innovation Toolbox features tools that offer creative and effective means to engage with and leverage your communities.  Your community could be your fellow employees in your company, all of the Facebook fans on your fanpage, […]

Finally Liveblogging the Final BlogPotomac

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Well folks, here it is. We are in the lovely State Theatre in Falls Church, VA, and BlogPotomac has officially started. Keep up with what’s going on here, and search the hashtag #blogpotomac on Twitter. Our event emcees are Shonali Burke, Principal of Shonali Burke Consulting, and DC Hughes, Photojournalist/Multimedia Producer for Lemur News Images […]

X-Life Games presents the “Who Am I?” Poetry Contest

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Today, X-Life Games launches the “Who Am I?” Poetry Contest.  The contest encourages you to use poetry to describe yourself on a global level while sharing ideas of tolerance and respect for other cultures, societies, and environments around the world. “X-Life Games has been such a fun and educational experience thus far for everybody involved, […]

MetroStar Systems is Sponsoring “Social Media for Social Good”

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MetroStar Systems is the proud sponsor of the upcoming “Social Media for Social Good” event on Thursday, July 23, 2009.  The event will feature presentations, workshops, and seminars highlighting how social media tools, strategies, and applications can increase your organization’s impact in the community. SAVE THE DATE: Social Media for Social Good When: Thursday, July […]

X-Life Games!

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So about 6 months ago we started working on a new project called X-Life Games.  The project is designed and dedicated to bridge cultures and understanding through mobile gaming.  I for one believe that technology is a powerful tool that can save lives.  The goal of X-Life Games is to better understand the little things […]