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MGT Act Passes House: Achieving Government IT Modernization

By Racine Anne Castro| May 23rd,2017 |

Five Different Approaches for Enterprise IT Modernization

By Racine Anne Castro| May 10th,2017 |

Five Healthy Habits for a Strong IT System

By Racine Anne Castro| April 7th,2017 |

How a Cloud-first Strategy Benefits the Department of Navy

By Christine Couch| March 23rd,2017 | ,

A Look into the Past, Present, and Future of Infrastructure

By John Belcher| August 15th,2016 |

Why We Choose SharePoint

By Christopher Lincoln| May 7th,2016 | ,

Part 1: Building Cloud-Scale Enterprise Apps - Our Take on Microsoft Service Fabric

By Matt Louderback| September 29th,2015 | ,

InfoPath is Dead (Deprecated): What is InfoPath’s Replacement? FoSl?

By Ricardo Palhano| June 18th,2014 | ,

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