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What makes a smartphone usable?

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We all have that friend who LOVES Apple. But it can be difficult to tell whether their love for Apple products is based on a fear of missing out (FOMO), or on a real technical superiority that’s exclusive to Apple. Consider phones. Whether people love or hate their phones can be traced back to their […]

The UX Train: Getting Your Clients on Board

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You’re on the fast track to building a successful product after having discovered the value of a user-centered approach, but your clients aren’t all on board yet. Project goals, deadlines, and politics are outweighing the needs of the user. As advocates for your users, you must persuade your clients and stakeholders to put the users first. […]

You Beta Believe It: FCC.gov reimagined and redesigned for Open Government

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On Tuesday, April 5th, MetroStar Systems announced our support in the successful development and redesign of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) FCC.gov website into a new digital platform: http://beta.fcc.gov!

Beta FCC.gov Screenshot

Running out of hard drive space on a SharePoint Dev VM?

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Recently I noticed that my SharePoint (2007) development VM was running low on hard drive space.  The VM has a 60+ GB C drive so I was little shocked to see that I only had a few hundred MB left.  After poking around in the file system looking for whatever was taking up all of […]

Adding a Silverlight Control to an existing ASP.NET Website

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I’ve only been working with Silverlight for a few months now and I’ve came to the conclusion that either my Google-fu is lacking or there isn’t a great deal of lower level information out there on how to get started. Personally I’m going with the latter because in my experience if you follow some of these posts online you’ll find yourself creating a sample Silverlight project, which is hosted within its own development application. But how do you actually add the control to your existing site?

Hopefully this will shed some light on the subject.

SunnyConf 2010

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SunnyConf 2010

On September 25th, 2010 David Keener, a Solutions Architect for MetroStar System’s New Media Group, spoke at SunnyConf in Phoenix, Arizona. SunnyConf is Arizona’s first Ruby conference.

Rubyists Return to RubyNation in Reston

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This year’s RubyNation conference will take place on Friday April 9th and Saturday April 10th at the Sheraton Reston Hotel in Reston, Virginia.  In its 3rd year, RubyNation is a two-day conference presented by the Washington, DC area Ruby community that “features debate and discussions of the latest trends, techniques, and tools in Ruby development, […]

Surface SDK and Windows 7

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I recently upgraded my computer from Windows Vista to Windows 7.  And while setting up my computer, I discovered that the Microsoft Surface SDK only works on Windows Vista. I am not going to lie, but I was very disappointed and could not see why the SDK could not work on Windows 7. Hence, I went ahead and searched […]

Please wait while Setup finishes determining your disk space requirements

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.MSI files can act strangely at times. Causing us to explode in anger as to why it decided that it must check your disk for space requirements. Is this a sign that I must take a break and get a cup of coffee? Hence, I clicked on “Return” on the above message and took a […]

David Keener Speaking About Ruby on Rails

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On August 27th, the Northern Virginia Ruby User’s Group (NovaRUG) will be hosting “Rails 101: Persistence Night.” This event consists of a number of talks geared towards new Rails developers, with all talks focused on persistence topics such as storing data in a database. David Keener will be rounding out the evening event with his […]