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The UX Train: Getting Your Clients on Board

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You’re on the fast track to building a successful product after having discovered the value of a user-centered approach, but your clients aren’t all on board yet. Project goals, deadlines, and politics are outweighing the needs of the user. As advocates for your users, you must persuade your clients and stakeholders to put the users first. […]

Through the Eyes of the Intern

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Finding the Right Fit As a marketing management student about to enter my senior year at Virginia Tech, getting real-world experience as a marketing intern was a top priority for me this summer. I spent several weeks applying to numerous marketing internship programs until I found my perfect match, MetroStar Systems. What drew me to […]

Social Media 101: Listening To Your Fans

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Social Media 101 Tips: Business isn’t as usual; consumers have become empowered, and stronger than ever. Customers are on multiple social media platforms, increasingly vocal and being heard. If you proactively listen to what is being said about your brand, you will stay ahead of the curve, increase revenue, and make important connections with your […]

Why Do Some Products Fail?

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Remember the New Coke experiment or Qwikster from Netflix? They are just two of many products that entered the market with such buzz and hype, yet ultimately made a quick exit. The reality is it is inevitable that some products will fail; actually, the majority of new product launches will fail. Failure isn’t a bad […]

Breaking Down Creativity

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Creativity is one of the strongest characteristics valued in our society (and especially at MetroStar); it also is one of the main ingredients in the recipe for success, and it tastes like pink Starbursts. Okay, maybe not the pink ones, but it’s definitely in the same category of awesome, you get my point. In this […]

ASP .Net MVC Localization

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Ever needed to localize/internationalize an MVC web application but didn’t know how to? Well it’s actually pretty simple with ASP .Net. The first step is to set the page’s UICulture to the language requested by the browser which can be accomplished by adding the following code to the controller. After the thread’s UICulture has been […]

Week 9 @ Metrostar Systems

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As my two month internship here in Reston draws to a close, I have taken the time to reflect back on the time spent at MetroStar Systems.  The experience has given me a window of perspective into life at one of the most personable, friendly and team-oriented companies I’ve ever had the pleasure to have […]

Week 1 @ MetroStar Systems

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My first week at MetroStar has been full of new and exciting experiences. Though I have no idea what I’ll be doing by this time next week, it’s been a great start so far. I started my internship here the Tuesday after the Memorial Day weekend. The morning on my first day consisted of a […]

Corporate Culture and Collaboration in Community

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It is amazing how much one can learn in a month after being immersed in an environment. I’ve learned  that while our SVP of Business Development can salsa, it’s the Bhangra music and rhythms that get my new colleagues on the dance floor at a company party. I’ve learned that, true to its name, if […]

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time

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On an early Thursday morning last August, I walked into the office with a hole in my stomach. Following my regular routine, I went to the kitchen area and tossed two loaves of bread into the great belly of the toaster oven, which boasts a 12 inch pizza capacity. As usual, I waited for the […]