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The UX Train: Getting Your Clients on Board

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You’re on the fast track to building a successful product after having discovered the value of a user-centered approach, but your clients aren’t all on board yet. Project goals, deadlines, and politics are outweighing the needs of the user. As advocates for your users, you must persuade your clients and stakeholders to put the users first. […]

Let it Simmer

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The Community Manager’s goal is to increase engagement, but what if that engagement takes a turn for the worse? Our clients have often turned to MetroStar Digital for advice when they receive unexpected feedback. If someone posts a negative comment on your Facebook page, for example, what is the best way to respond to it? […]

A Turkey Trot Farewell to Fall

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Turkey Trot!

MetroStar Systems has wrapped up its sponsorship of the Marine Corps Marathon Event this year, and while I’m sad to say goodbye to prime race season in the Washington Metro area, I am not sad to say bye to freezing cold mornings waiting at the starting line.

MetroStar Systems Sweats for Veterans

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Sweat for a Vet

I’m thrilled to announce that MetroStar Systems is sponsoring a team for Sweat for a Vet, an indoor cycling, Kranking® and rowing fundraising event. The benefits will go to help provide disabled Veterans equipment that will enable them to carry-out their physical therapy training and pursue an active lifestyle.

Statement Arts Promotes Education In The Arts With Votridea Contest

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A Single Drop Of Water

Statement Arts, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing the creative visual & performing arts to underserved and/or low-income individuals, recently launched an online contest powered by Votridea, our Social Engagement Platform. The contest, titled “A Single Drop Of Water,” celebrates our most important natural resource — water!

Mostafa Extends His Microsoft MVP Streak to Five Years in a Row

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Another year has passed here at MetroStar Systems and yet another Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Visual C# award has been bestowed upon our own Mostafa Elzoghbi. In what has seemingly become an annual occurrence, Elzoghbi secured a Visual C# MVP award for the fifth consecutive year. This exclusive award is given to those who […]

Week 1 @ MetroStar Systems

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My first week at MetroStar has been full of new and exciting experiences. Though I have no idea what I’ll be doing by this time next week, it’s been a great start so far. I started my internship here the Tuesday after the Memorial Day weekend. The morning on my first day consisted of a […]

Corporate Culture and Collaboration in Community

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It is amazing how much one can learn in a month after being immersed in an environment. I’ve learned  that while our SVP of Business Development can salsa, it’s the Bhangra music and rhythms that get my new colleagues on the dance floor at a company party. I’ve learned that, true to its name, if […]

Sponsorship Helps Child in Need

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In August of 2009, we donated $1500 in the 2009 Child Rescue Centre Golf Tournament held by Helping Children Worldwide organization. I received a letter today sharing the story of a child named Mustapha Kamara we helped. I wanted to share how he became a member of Child Rescue Centre (CRC). In October 2005, Mustapha […]

Marine Corps Marathon 2009

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The 34th Annual Marine Corps Marathon took place on Sunday, October 25 2009 in Arlington, Virginia and Washington, DC.  As a sponsor of the 2010 MCM Event Series, MetroStar Systems got the opportunity to attend the event, support the MCM, and cheer on the runners.  It was amazing to be part of the experience with […]