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Dynamic SharePoint Graphical Inventory using Visio Viewer

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Dynamic SharePoint Graphical Inventory using Visio Viewer In this post we will create a Visio diagram with data shapes linked to multiple SharePoint lists.  We will then display the Visio floorplan diagram in a SharePoint inventory dashboard. 1. We start with multiple lists containing various different inventories. In this example we have different lists to manage […]

Why We Choose SharePoint

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For nearly a decade, experts in our Collaboration practice have developed SharePoint solutions internally and for our customers. Whether developing a content management system, building intranets, or managing infrastructures to enhance efficiencies, SharePoint’s dynamic capabilities have enabled us to work with customers to increase their return on investments. The following are key points to consider […]

Top 5 Capabilities of SharePoint [Video]

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SharePoint has become an essential tool for organizations (like ours) looking to organize, store, and share information from anyplace, anytime. Already, 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint software for document management. With its easy-to-use and customizable interface, the software has helped teams boost their productivity. Among its many powerful capabilities, below are our […]

Learn to Scrum like an All-Star Football Team

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What does a scrum team have in common with a football team? Many things. Among them: both require individuals working in increments to gain a touchdown by leveraging diverse skill sets and cross-functional roles. Learn more about how we create award-winning scrum teams in this week’s MetroStar Minute (episode #3), where we cover the essential characteristics of a winning […]

Essential Elements of a Successful R&D Program

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While the concept of research is as old as science, the pairing of research and development is a relatively new development. The innovations that result in new products and new processes usually have their roots in research; they have followed a path from laboratory idea, to pilot or prototype production, to full-scale production and market […]

The Secret to a Great Product: Superb UX

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Oh no. It’s happening. You’re sitting in a meeting and one of those horribly awkward moments has arrived when no one knows the answer to an important question: how do we incorporate User Experience (UX) into this project? Your company has heard about UX, realized its importance, and hired all the right people but…now what? […]