People of MetroStar: Siti Kamaluddin

Siti exudes a quiet confidence that’s reflected in her incredible work, her efficiency on the job, and her unceasingly positive attitude. She is one of our trusty mobile developers whose talent and personality make her an absolute joy to be around. 1. Before working at MetroStar Systems, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had? […]

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Siri vs. Alexa | Which one has the superior user experience?

Apple’s Siri has dominated the virtual personal assistant market since it was introduced as a feature of the iPhone 4s in 2011. However, Amazon has made massive strides to compete with Siri with the release of Amazon Echo and its voice-enabled feature, Alexa, earlier this year. While Siri and Alexa have some key differences, we […]

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Top Benefits of Going Mobile: Government & Tech [Video]

Mobile technology isn’t just a vital part of our everyday entertainment — it’s becoming more and more a vital part of our everyday efficiency on the job, especially in the government sector. Our clients within the government have benefited from embracing mobile. They’ve increased connectivity between their teams, enjoyed greater fluidity between work tasks, and spread wider awareness of their initiatives […]

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Why You Should Automate Your Mobile App Testing

Mobile automated testing has been a godsend to our team. It allows us to test mobile apps without coordinating live or manual tests. Automated testing specifically refers to a piece of software that will interact with an app according to some defined test cases. It’s a great way to automate repetitive, but necessary tasks, and is very useful […]

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5 Tips for Building a Sustainable App

Over the years, MetroStar has built over 30 apps that have gleaned more than 210,000 downloads in the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Store. Read More: Zero to Hero – How to Build an App in 2 WeeksHere are some tips we have learned about building sustainable apps, or apps that are easy to maintain […]

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People of MetroStar: Jesse Hyde

Jesse Hyde is an integral member of our mobile team. Our mobile lead, Dean Faizal, describes his work ethic best: “Armed with a no-nonsense approach to software development, Jesse builds mobile apps and games with great attention to detail.” 1. Before working at MetroStar Systems, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had? I […]

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Top Mobile Trends for 2016

The mobile industry is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. As we welcome new operating systems from Apple and Google, cool new apps, or fancy new technologies, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of everything that’s going on. So here’s a small guide to help you stay up to speed with what’s up and coming […]

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Cross-Platform Mobile Development [Video]

When it comes to mobile apps, Apple, Android, and Windows all support varying standard design elements and software development kits. Mobile developers will ordinarily choose between three basic types of apps to build: native, web, and hybrid. Though each type has its own pros and cons, native apps tend to offer the tightest connection and […]

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The Internet of Things (IoT) and Our Mobile World [Video]

Our world is becoming smarter everyday with the help of mobile and wireless technology. Since the first utter of “IoT,” our teams have kept a close watch on the forecast of IoT, aiming to be the first to provide lean, integrated solutions to our clients. Already, we’ve laid the foundation for devices that traverse traditional boundaries and talk […]

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Zero to Hero: How to Build an App in 2 Weeks

Building an app in a short timeframe can feel like scraping ice off your car with a toothbrush before work. You know that you can get the task done, but you don’t know if you’ll have enough time. At MetroStar Systems, we’ve seen dedicated and experienced teams make the seemingly impossible possible. In fact, last […]

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