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The Traveler’s Technology Toolbox

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The Traveler’s Technology Toolbox When I traveled to Japan, Project Fi connected me to the internet, Google Maps told me where to go, Google Translate filled in the gaps of my Japanese. Not only did tech change the way I traveled, it changed the digital landscape as I traveled. Technology Makes it Easier to Travel […]

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Zero to Hero: How to Build an App in 2 Weeks

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Building an app in a short timeframe can feel like scraping ice off your car with a toothbrush before work. You know that you can get the task done, but you don’t know if you’ll have enough time. At MetroStar Systems, we’ve seen dedicated and experienced teams make the seemingly impossible possible. In fact, last […]

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How Smartwatches Impact Your Life

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Is the “smartwatch” merely a glorified notification system or is it pioneering a new digital frontier? Our answer is: Yes. We tracked the activity of smartwatch owners for two weeks to conclude that both positions have merit. Our study involved six participants (our fellow employees) and four different approaches to collecting information on smartwatch use: […]

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What makes a smartphone usable?

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We all have that friend who LOVES Apple. But it can be difficult to tell whether their love for Apple products is based on a fear of missing out (FOMO), or on a real technical superiority that’s exclusive to Apple. Consider phones. Whether people love or hate their phones can be traced back to their […]

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