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An Updated Tutorial

MetroStar previously published a tutorial detailing how to create a button to add items or documents to a list in SharePoint 2007. Since this was, and still is a popular post, in this blog we have updated the tutorial for SharePoint 2013 and 2016.

Get the Add a New Item Link

Add a New Item Link
This is pretty simple. Just hover over the new item link, right click, then select Copy Shortcut.

Get the Add a New Item Link for Document Libraries

For Document libraries this step is a little bit harder. You will notice that hovering over the new document options as well as the Upload Document ribbon control does not produce a link.

Add New Document Hover for SharePoint Tutorial

Upload Document for SharePoint Tutorial

So what we need to do is press F12 do bring up the Developer Tools in Internet Explorer. Now select the Network tab and press the Green Play Button.

Developer Tools for SharePoint Tutorial

Click Upload Document in the ribbon.

Upload Document for SharePoint Tutorial

You will now see all of the URLs that are requested by the page. The very first one is the one we are interested in, as this is the Upload.aspx page, where we can upload files from. Select that entry, right click, then select Copy URL.

You should now have a URL for either the list, library, or both.

Create a Button Link

Now we are ready to create the button on a page to link to the new item or upload document page.

On the page in either the Content Editor Web Part (CEWP) or in Page Content select Insert>Picture>From Computer. Now select the button image you want to insert it onto the page.

Insert Link from SharePoint

Now select the inserted picture and click on Insert>Link>FromSharePoint. Now paste the URL we previously obtained.

New Item Button Demo

Now we have a working button to add new items or upload documents.

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