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Ahoy Amazon-aholics

If you’re like us and have a never ending stream of cardboard boxes with Amazon tape hitting your doorstep, then you know that Amazon Prime day is tomorrow (or July 12 for the less enthusiastic Amazonians). Amazon has promised over 100,000 deals including steals on TVs, toys, and electronics.

What is Prime Day?

Prime day is Amazon’s biggest shopping day during which Amazon releases deals on products across their entire inventory exclusively for prime members. The deals start rolling at 12am PT, and new deals appear as often as every five minutes.

Learn more about Amazon’s Prime Day.

Prime Day 2015

It’s no secret that Amazon’s inaugural Prime Day to celebrate their 20th birthday left a not so pleasant taste in Prime members’ mouths, with frustrations resulting from a disappointing selection to low inventory. We’re confident Amazon wants to avoid the resurgence of a #primedayfail trend, so this year’s selection is sure to be more of a crowd pleaser.

Check out CNET’s Q&A with Greg Greeley to learn more about how Amazon is responding to the criticism from last year’s Prime Day.

Five Ways to Conquer Amazon Prime Day Like a Boss

1. Have a Prime membership. As much fun as it is to participate in Amazon prime day, you should also review the other benefits of a Prime membership before you purchase it to see if it’s something you’ll use outside of Prime day (keep in mind new users can sign up for a free 30 day trial).

2. Download the Amazon app . Don’t roll your eyes, as much as you hate to admit it, you love that apps bring the alerts to you. Amazon’s app allows users to customize alerts so they don’t miss out on specific deals.

3. Alexa. Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, which can found on the Echo, Dot, and Tap devices will also be helping Prime members by alerting them of Prime day deals. Plus, users will receive a $10 discount on their first purchase using Alexa.

4. Know the three types of deals. Spotlight deals are good until stock runs out (allegedly the best deals all day). Lightning deals are short-live and limited-stock that have an expiration. Look for the percentage claimed and timer on the feature bar for these deals, otherwise you’ll have to sign up on the waitlist. Finally, Savings and deals, these are promotions that will run all day.

5. Create a wishlist. If you have specific items you are waiting for, a wishlist will provide you with an easy way to scan all of the items you are tracking to see if any of them have discounts. Make your list BEFORE Prime day because deals will be time sensitive.

What is your Prime Day strategy? Let us know in a comment below.

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