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1. Home Alone

Always have a well-planned out content strategy!

Kevin McCallister has taught us the importance of real-time marketing. As marketers, it’s important to respond quickly and meaningfully to opportunities and threats. Now, we’re not encouraging any shovels to the head or a tarantula to the face. However, a well-thought-out and organized marketing strategy for dealing with your audience in real-time is crucial for long-term success. If the Wet Bandits come knocking at your digital door, are you ready to take on Marv and Harry?

2. The Santa Clause

Embrace new technology.

After knocking Santa off his roof on Christmas Eve resulting in Santa’s death (yes, this is a family film), Scott Calvin, played by Tim Allen, finds himself magically turning into the new Santa Clause. Struggling at first to take on the new jig as Kris Kringle, Calvin embraces this new challenge making Christmas a success.

Digital Marketing is constantly changing and evolving. It’s critical to understand your customers and to leverage digital technologies in your business to understand and engage more deeply with those customers. Your marketing team should constantly be embracing, testing, and adapting to new digital mediums and tech. Don’t be the Bad Santa of marketing; embrace change to deliver success and to achieve your objectives.

3. Scrooged

Open the door to your marketing department.

If you haven’t seen “Scrooged,” you can stop reading this blog–I’ll proudly accept a higher bounce rate for your enjoyment. Bill Murray (need I say more), plays a controlling and greedy TV executive working on a live production of “A Christmas Carol.” This modern take on the classic novel shows you how to properly fail on a big project. Murray’s character, Frank Cross, doesn’t embrace new ideas, has a strong disregard for co-workers, is unaware of his surroundings, and has no vision for his overall objective. Which is the perfect recipe for a failing marketing strategy.

Marketing should not be limited to only your marketing department. Include other employees from other departments during the brainstorming and creation process. This will allow for better ideas for your team to plan, and will help you execute your overall campaign strategy. Your employees are equally as important as your customers. Embracing your coworkers ideas helps to build a positive culture and to make your brand come alive for your customers.

4. ELF

Lighten up!

What can we learn from Buddy (Will Ferrell) in the movie Elf? Lighten up with your content! Adobe’s  2016 state of content report found that 70% percent of global consumers agree that humor makes companies more relatable, but just 14% of customers rate company-created content as entertaining. Allowing your brand to be humanized gives you the opportunity to relate to your targeted audience on a personal level. A good place to start is during real-time events that’s appealing to your audience. Measure your performance and analytics and build from there. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to look like “the cool dad.”

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