Design Thinking [Video]

What is Design Thinking A designer’s work is often perceived as the final object or deliverable of a project but the reality is that great, user-friendly design is a process. Understand the Why If you haven’t seen Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” TedTalk, it’s a great look into the bigger picture surrounding the importance of […]

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Making Applications Accessible for Everyone

This blog was drafted by our UX Summer Intern, Chris Caulfield. The growing digital population Today the internet has an estimated 3.4 billion users, this is 46% of world’s population. Within America, usage of mobile technology is only growing – 68% have smartphones and 45% have tablets. People are constantly engaging with applications on these […]

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The UX of Error Messages

So you made a mistake. Or wait, did the website you were using make a mistake? via GIPHY Either way, errors can cause great frustration for users–users don’t like them and they will bounce away from their intended path. To err is human, To err is also the computer. A poorly designed error message will […]

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3 Keys to User Onboarding [VIDEO]

Properly onboarding users to your digital experience is essential to converting lifetime users. Every day, our User Experience (UX) experts on our Digital team work with clients to ensure that they are implementing the best practices and core features of onboarding. Proper onboarding will help ensure that the investment you have made to your website, […]

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Siri vs. Alexa | Which one has the superior user experience?

Apple’s Siri has dominated the virtual personal assistant market since it was introduced as a feature of the iPhone 4s in 2011. However, Amazon has made massive strides to compete with Siri with the release of Amazon Echo and its voice-enabled feature, Alexa, earlier this year. While Siri and Alexa have some key differences, we […]

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10 Heuristics of User Experience (UX)

An easy-to-use product will win hearts. In our first installment of our MetroStar Minute series, we cover our top 10 heuristics (approaches to quickly achieve immediate goals) for incorporating superb UX into your next product design. By taking a “user first” approach, your team will build a product that your users can’t help but love. For […]

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How Smartwatches Impact Your Life

Is the “smartwatch” merely a glorified notification system or is it pioneering a new digital frontier? Our answer is: Yes. We tracked the activity of smartwatch owners for two weeks to conclude that both positions have merit. Our study involved six participants (our fellow employees) and four different approaches to collecting information on smartwatch use: […]

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