Design Thinking [Video]

What is Design Thinking A designer’s work is often perceived as the final object or deliverable of a project but the reality is that great, user-friendly design is a process. Understand the Why If you haven’t seen Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” TedTalk, it’s a great look into the bigger picture surrounding the importance of […]

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Curating Content for All Generations

In our fast-paced digital world, we’re exposed to hundreds of pieces of content every day. Take a moment and think about how many blog posts, news articles, social media posts, and even pesky ads you’re exposed to on a daily basis. Due to this fact, and the fact that overall we are all immensely overstimulated, […]

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15 Essential Tools for Designers

15 Essential Tools for Designers As designers, we continually rely on tools and resources to help produce great work. There are hundreds of design tools out there and sometimes it is hard to find the right one. Whether you are a UX Designer, Visual Designer, or Front-end Developer, these tools may help make your design/development […]

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Powering Collaboration & Crossing the Divide

I Have an Identity Crisis Really, I do. I’ve struggled with my job title since my love of design has merged into my exploration of markup and coding languages. Most days I split my time between sitting with the designers and sitting with the developers. And I could not be happier. via GIPHY As a […]

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3 Keys to User Onboarding [VIDEO]

Properly onboarding users to your digital experience is essential to converting lifetime users. Every day, our User Experience (UX) experts on our Digital team work with clients to ensure that they are implementing the best practices and core features of onboarding. Proper onboarding will help ensure that the investment you have made to your website, […]

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5 Valuable Google Analytics Custom Reports

Google Analytics provide a wealth of data and invaluable insight for your website. Users can gain insights from standard reports, however, navigating through all of the data can be a challenge that may take more than a few clicks. Fortunately, custom reports allow you to obtain the specific insights you’re looking for. No matter how […]

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10 Heuristics of User Experience (UX)

An easy-to-use product will win hearts. In our first installment of our MetroStar Minute series, we cover our top 10 heuristics (approaches to quickly achieve immediate goals) for incorporating superb UX into your next product design. By taking a “user first” approach, your team will build a product that your users can’t help but love. For […]

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What makes a smartphone usable?

We all have that friend who LOVES Apple. But it can be difficult to tell whether their love for Apple products is based on a fear of missing out (FOMO), or on a real technical superiority that’s exclusive to Apple. Consider phones. Whether people love or hate their phones can be traced back to their […]

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The UX Train: Getting Your Clients on Board

You’re on the fast track to building a successful product after having discovered the value of a user-centered approach, but your clients aren’t all on board yet. Project goals, deadlines, and politics are outweighing the needs of the user. As advocates for your users, you must persuade your clients and stakeholders to put the users first. […]

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Part 2: Possible Use Cases for Microsoft Service Fabric

I’m Excited About Service Fabric. Now What? In my last blog, I looked at some of the common pain points Microsoft Service Fabric can help developers with. This week, we’ll take a closer look at some possible use cases. Use Case A possible use case is for a social network where users can send messages […]

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