Ingredients for Cyber Dog Food

What is Cyber Dog Food? Cybersecurity is a watchdog that’s always on duty. As you may have read in our piece on Homeland Security Today, ” you must be willing to apply the same standards to your company’s network as you would when making a recommendation to a client.” What are the ingredients of Cyber […]

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Are You Password Protected?

Passwords: A Cheap Way to Improve Your Security Posture As a recently retired Naval Cyber Warrior, I come from a long line of salty and forward leaning communications and network security sea dog. My favorite sea dog was a Submarine Skipper who took over as the Battle Group N6 (meaning he owned all long haul […]

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Don’t get ‘Snowdened’

Yes, the title is spelled right, though if you are reading this on the 13th of Feb. 2014 and in the southeast then you are also probably ‘snowed in’ due to the winter storm! So what is being ‘Snowdened’?  It has nothing to do with the weather, but it certainly can be a huge storm.  […]

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‘Seamless’ Security with NFC rings

Does anyone like entering passwords? Short passwords are not so bad, but the best passwords are long and difficult to remember, and can be tedious to enter on a smart phone or tablet. Have you ever forgotten the credentials needed to log in? Any of us can look back “fondly” at those times we’ve had […]

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Network security and the government: The top five vulnerabilities

For almost 10 years, I worked to maintain a secure IT environment in the State Department. My work stretched across three consecutive Secretaries of State: Secretaries Albright, Powell, and Rice. Over the years I’ve learned that some of the most effective security measures are also the most simple. Today, I’m outlining the top five network […]

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