Get the Total for Calculated Columns in SharePoint

Creating a Calculated Column MetroStar previously published a blog on using the DataView Web Part and SharePoint Designer to get the total on a Calculated Column. This is because SharePoint does not do totaling on Calculated Columns Out of the Box (OOB). Here we discuss an alternative method that does not have any restrictions on […]

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SharePoint Tutorial: Creating a button in SharePoint 2013 or 2016

An Updated Tutorial MetroStar previously published a tutorial detailing how to create a button to add items or documents to a list in SharePoint 2007. Since this was, and still is a popular post, in this blog we have updated the tutorial for SharePoint 2013 and 2016. Get the Add a New Item Link This […]

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Dynamic SharePoint Graphical Inventory using Visio Viewer

Dynamic SharePoint Graphical Inventory using Visio Viewer In this post we will create a Visio diagram with data shapes linked to multiple SharePoint lists.  We will then display the Visio floorplan diagram in a SharePoint inventory dashboard. 1. We start with multiple lists containing various different inventories. In this example we have different lists to manage […]

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Dynamic SharePoint List Dashboard using Excel Viewer

Dynamic SharePoint List View Dashboard with Excel Viewer This post will cover how to create an Excel Dashboard inside of a SharePoint list or library view, using the Excel Viewer web part and an Excel sheet linked to your list or library.  The Excel sheet will use pivot charts and tables to display the data we want […]

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Knowledge Base Dashboard with SharePoint Content Query and Search

Initial Setup for a Knowledge Base 1. We start with a set of documents for our Knowledge Base.  They are in a new Content Type and we have added in some fields to make it easier to organize and search. 2. We can create views to try and organize this library, but there are alternatives that can […]

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A Look at Microsoft’s SharePoint Mobile App

When will the mobile app be released? For companies that heavily utilize Microsoft SharePoint, a mobile solution is on its way. The official SharePoint mobile apps will be released later this month for iOS, and later this year for Windows Mobile and Android. I, myself, have not had the chance to play with any betas of the […]

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Top 3 Lessons Shared with GMU’s Class of 2016

If you’re not one of the graduates proudly dawning your robe and enjoying the crowning achievement of your college career, you’re probably sitting in the stands teary-eyed and cheering your friends and family as they march. Last week, MetroStar’s CEO and Co-Founder Ali Reza Manouchehri had the opportunity to give the commencement speech at his Alma […]

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Why We Choose SharePoint

For nearly a decade, experts in our Collaboration practice have developed SharePoint solutions internally and for our customers. Whether developing a content management system, building intranets, or managing infrastructures to enhance efficiencies, SharePoint’s dynamic capabilities have enabled us to work with customers to increase their return on investments. The following are key points to consider […]

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Creating a Document Rollup Using SharePoint 2013 Search

One of the most powerful (and most overlooked) features in SharePoint 2013 is SharePoint Search. Unfortunately, few people realize just how powerful it can be. I suspect that this is because most people just envision a search box and search results when, in fact, is that there is so much potential with SharePoint Search–huge potential […]

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SharePoint Limitations & Solutions [Video]

Though you might be brimming with excitement from our last Metrostar Minute on Top 5 SharePoint Capabilities, we would be lying if we said that there weren’t some limitations to SharePoint. Prior to any large-scale implementation, for example, we advise that you have a well-planned governance and taxonomy of your digital properties to prevent hiccups in the future. […]

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