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One of the SharePoint 2010 solutions we at MetroStar have been developing has involved some customizations of the Ribbon UI.  After several days learning (and fighting) the Ribbon I’ve learned a few things which may be of some use to other SharePoint developers out there:

  • Adding elements to the Ribbon involves a pretty straight forward process  of writing some XML and putting it in a CustomAction
  • Wiring up the commands which Ribbon controls use (such as buttons) can be done in one of two ways
    • The command handlers can be defined in the CustomAction‘s XML using a CommandUIHandler
      • These are the simplest to setup but offer the least flexibility
      • Certain commands do not work properly with commands defined this way (such as a ToggleButton‘s QueryCommand)
    • The more flexible/complicated approach is to use PageComponents which let you define JavaScript ‘classes’ to handle the various actions that a Ribbon control may need
  • SharePoint’s built-in commands can be overridden by creating a handler for a command with the same name as the built-in command
  • Finding out what a built-in command is doing behind the scenes can be very difficult to do
    • The JavaScript can be run through a debugger to see what is going on but the code is neither commented or documented
  • When loading PageComponents the order of operations is very important
    • Make use of SharePoint’s scriptLink control to load JS after the UI has loaded
    • Use ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded and NotifyScriptLoadedAndExecuteWaitingJobs to make sure dependencies are loaded before trying to use them
  • The documentation (as of 2/11/2011) on MSDN is severely lacking so be prepared to do a lot Googling and Guess/Checking.

For those delving into the Ribbon here are some links which helped me out greatly:

To see the fruits of these labor’s be sure to check out our StarLabs site to see our latest a greatest (Free!) SharePoint solutions.

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